The Odd Couple Podcast!

The Odd Couple Podcast is a friendly fireside chat with friends where no topic is beyond a healthy discussion punctuated with a laugh or two.

Latest Episodes

Money Matters

Have you ever been awake at 3:00 a.m. wondering how you were going to afford something you needed? If money was really tight, you might be wondering how you’re...

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The Great Trigonometrical Survey

In 1802, the ambitious project christened as The Great Trigonometrical Survey was started by Lt.Col. William Lambton to map the Indian Subcontinent. It took over 130 years to completely...

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Mental Health

What exactly is Mental Health? Why is it so important? Why is there a Taboo to seek help from a professional? To guide us through this maze we have...

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Our Sustainable Future

What can we do to build a more sustainable world? To answer that and to understand this world of sustainability we have Ramnath Vaidyanathan, Ram heads environmental sustainability for...

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