Mind Your Language

Is there a need for a national language? We’ve danced this dance time and again for almost a century without coming to a resolution. Will there be something more definitive this time around? And what would the implications be today? Sid, Dr.Sheesh and Arjun do some jaankari because they feel there might be something black…

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Are You Beautiful?

Episode 08 – Are You Beautiful? Is yours a face that launched a thousand ships, or a face only a mother could love? It’s a common conception that beautiful people have it easier in the world. They get better jobs and better opportunities. Even people with talent and skill seem to do better if they’re beautiful….

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Who’s Your Daddy?

Nepotism has been around for thousands of years, probably more judging by all those godly brats in mythology running around wreaking havoc in Daddy’s name. Despite all our evolved attempts to attain a meritocracy, is Nepotism still rearing its ugly head? Is it even an ugly head? Are there other ways to get ahead? As…

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Mercy Please!

eu·tha·na·sia | ˌyü-thə-ˈnā-zh(ē-)ə :the act or practise of killing or permitting the death of hopelessly sick or injured individuals (such as persons or domestic animals) in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy. Derived from the Greek “Eu” (Good) and “Thanatos” (Death). — Send in a voice message:

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I See Dead People!

Things that go bump in the night. We’ve all heard our share of true ghost stories. But is the cold light of science casting a shadow on what most of us would love to believe? Join Dr. Sheesh, Sid and Arjun as they attempt to pull back the veil on all things eerie. Give us…

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Utterly Butterly Lies!?

Dr. Sheesh orders a burger and gets ripped off in an incident involving a cheese slice. This affects him badly and things must be set right. The trio set out to see if this is a symptom of a deeper problem in the advertising industry. While the cheese slice remains an unsolved mystery, marketing insights…

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2 Mins to Midnight!

The End is Near. Correction, the End is Here. Not all of us can hideout like the top 1% in their super luxury bunkers. What can ordinary joes like us do? Arm yourself, pack your grab bag, and tune in to find out. Give us a holler on twitter at @TheOddCouple9 @Drsheesh30 @guffawer @amadhusudan ;…

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An Educated Guess….

Dr. Sheesh has studied Medicine and is now a Doctor. But Arjun is not an Economist and Sid is not an Engineer. Why is our education system still churning out millions of graduates for roles where there is no demand? Doctor, NotEconomist, and NotEngineer investigate. Give us a holler on twitter at @TheOddCouple9 @Drsheesh30 @guffawer…

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Are You An Asshole?

Arjun asks Sid if he’s an asshole. Dr. Sheesh takes it a step further and asks what is an asshole. They realise no one knows what an asshole is and decide to (ahem) probe further. From world leaders to Sid’s neighbour, is there such a thing as the quintessential asshole? Give us a holler on…

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