Thomas Hurst – War Photojournalist

Join us this week as we talk to the eminent War Photojournalist Thomas James Hurst. He first picked up a camera, an old Nikormat, at the age of 21 when he went to Bosnia in 1992. After returning to Bosnia a second time in 1993, he decided to study photojournalism at San Francisco State University.

During winter and summer breaks, he travelled to Haiti, Afghanistan and Rwanda and also interned at daily newspapers. His work has appeared in such publications as Time magazine, The New York Times and The Boston Globe.

Thomas spent a month in Iraq in 2004 and in 2005 covered the devastating earthquake in a region of Pakistan, earning him the Photograph of the Year award by Editor and Publisher magazine.

His work has been honoured several times by World Press Photo, The Associated Press, the Society of Professional Journalists, and he was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for his contribution to The Seattle Times staff’s coverage of the WTO riots in 1999.

All Photographs ©Thomas James Hurst

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